Spilt containers

Shipping Containers by Claire Rosslyn Wilson

Toys tip into seas

yellow ducks, red beavers, blue turtles

and green frogs

travel loops on currents

washed up on beaches –

they’re the lucky ones.

Some wrapped in ice

through northern channels

move slow, until the other side.

Ship in Singapore by Claire Rosslyn Wilson

A few notes: According to the National Geographic in 2001, there were about 50,000 Nike tennis shoes, thousands of Tommy Pickles cartoon heads, plastic turtles, rubber ducks, 3 million Lego pieces and 34,000 hockey gloves are travelling the seas from lost cargo containers. There over 10,000 containers lost at sea each year.

The Friendly Floatees, containing 29,000 plastic toys, were tipped overboard in 1992. Some of the toys landed along Pacific Ocean shores, like Hawaii. Others traveled over 17,000 miles and spent years frozen in Arctic ice to reach British and Irish shores 15 years later in 2007.