I am a poet, content producer, editor and researcher with a focus on cultural diversity and creative expression for social change.

My creative and critical practice seeks to broaden perspectives through creative content, aiming to inspire people to see the world from different perspectives. I have explored this in depth through my current doctorate research, which investigates the ways in which the instability and change of cultural adaptation is negotiated through a poetry writing practice. From this research I have been creatively and critically exploring the ways in which our natural and social environments are becoming increasing unstable. Although disturbance and change are part of the natural cycle, this is now happening on an unprecedented scale, forever changing the environment in which we live. Instead of responding with fear, I believe creative projects can challenge the way we think about the constant changes around us and to consider ways in which we can build resilience through learning to respond to instability.

Through a number of creative approaches I explore the ways in which art can be a catalyst for change. The core themes in my work include:

    • the value of international cultural exchange (through my work with organisations such as the Asia-Europe Foundation, TransCollaborate, Multicultural Arts Victoria and Diaspora Action Australia),
    • the nexus between art and sustainability (as the author of the Creative Responses to Sustainability guides for Australia and Spain and other edited publications), and
    • creative expression for the promotion of human rights (such as through the More Than Skin Deep project of illustrated poems dedicated to acid attack survivors and through my work as an editor with the human rights journal Right Now).

All these themes are driven by the belief that cultural expression can facilitate a new way of seeing the world and therefore lead to important social change.

I take a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary approach that explores innovative ways to tell stories about the world around us. This stems from my personal experience working and living in a number of cultures (Australia, Spain, Thailand, Singapore), which has given me an appreciation for the importance of an open and multifaceted worldview, necessary when adapting to diverse cultural contexts. I have also conducted research and written articles that explore the ways in which organisations and creative freelancers work internationally, focusing on the potential of cultural approaches to facilitate discussions. These exchanges are particularly important in a world where cultural difference and the unequal access to resources creates more barriers than opportunities. A recognition of diverse ways of working is needed now more than ever, in a context where fear of difference proliferates.

Creative projects

A core part of my creative work involves poetry. My poetry has been published in journals and has been presented at a number of festivals (such as the Emerging Writers’ Festival, Noted Writers Festival, Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival and the International Video Poetry Festival). I was a poetry editor for the human rights journal Right Now and was a poetry reader for Overland. I have also worked on collaborations (such as an illustrated collection of poems inspired by the real life stories of courage and resilience of fifteen women) and have had my videopoems presented in exhibitions.

You can read more about my creative projects here.

Editing and reports

I have also worked with a number of non-profit and arts organisations on editing and resource projects such as:

  • editing reports and publications
  • developing online content plans
  • conducting feasibility analysis
  • developing reports

Previous work and affiliations

Arts and culture

Asia-Europe Foundation | Craft Victoria | Espai Souvenir | ArtsPositive | Studio 88 Artist Residency | Emerging Writers Festival | Noted Writers Festival | Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival | Wheeler Centre | RMIT Design Archives | Multicultural Arts Victoria | Ciudad de Bilbao | The Committee on Culture of the United Cities and Local Governments

NGOs and education

Australian Red Cross | Leher (India) | Diaspora Action Australia | Right Now | Universitat de Barcelona | Deakin University | Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance | British Council (Barcelona)

Published work

Oxford University Press | Art Radar | Culture360 | Writers Bloc | Get Lost | Tongues Multilingual Magazine | Inkpot Reviews | Westerly | Australian Poetry | Transnational Literature | Socialist Alternatives | Adani ebook | Right Now | Coolabah | Poetry d’Amour Anthology | Axon | Voiceworks | fourW | Visible Ink | Verge | Offset | Failed Haiku


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