I am a poet, writer, editor and researcher based in Barcelona, with a focus on cultural diversity and creative expression for social change.

What do I do?

I use creativity and storytelling to inspire social change.

I research and write reports and educational resources.

I edit reports and publications, making sense of complex information in clear and accessible language.

I take a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary approach that explores creative ways to tell stories about the world around us. This stems from my personal experience working in a number of cultures (Australia, Spain, Thailand, Singapore), which has given me an appreciation for the importance of an open and multifaceted worldview, necessary when adapting to diverse cultural contexts. These exchanges are particularly important in a world where cultural misunderstanding, and the unequal access to resources, creates barriers. A recognition of diverse ways of working is needed now more than ever, in a context where fear of difference proliferates.

My poetry has been published in numerous journals and in 2014 I was a writer-in-residence at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. I co-wrote Freelancing in the Creative Industries (Oxford University Press, 2015) and I have authored a number of publications on art and sustainability. I have appeared at various writers’ festivals and my videopoems have been exhibited in Australia, Spain and Greece. I am a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra, Australia, and am a co-editor of the academic journal Coolabah, of the Transnational and Australian Studies Centre in the University of Barcelona.

In addition to an overview of my work and creative projects, I also write here about creativity, art for change and practicing internationally as an artist.

Previous work and affiliations

Arts and culture

Asia-Europe Foundation | Craft Victoria | Espai Souvenir | ArtsPositive | Studio 88 Artist Residency | Emerging Writers Festival | Noted Writers Festival | Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival | Wheeler Centre | RMIT Design Archives | Multicultural Arts Victoria | Ciudad de Bilbao | The Committee on Culture of the United Cities and Local Governments

NGOs and education

Australian Red Cross | Leher (India) | Diaspora Action Australia | Right Now | Universitat de Barcelona | Deakin University | Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance | British Council (Barcelona)

Published work

Oxford University Press | Art Radar | Culture360 | Writers Bloc | Get Lost | Tongues Multilingual Magazine | Inkpot Reviews | Westerly | Australian Poetry | Transnational Literature | Socialist Alternatives | Adani ebook | Right Now | Coolabah | Poetry d’Amour Anthology | Axon | Voiceworks | fourW | Visible Ink | Verge | Offset | Failed Haiku


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