Claire has edited various reports and publications for international non-profit organisations. These projects have ranged from compiling annual reports to developing concepts as an extension of arts events, drawing on her experience as an arts administrator. Please do contact Claire if you need some extra hands on deck for a project.


Selection of projects

  • Annual report – Diaspora Action Australia (editor)
  • Asia-Europe Environment Forum Report – Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore (rapporteur)
  • Asia-Europe Meeting Outlook Report – Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore (contributing researcher)
  • Programming Arts Festivals in Asia and Europe online publication – Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore (co-editor)
  • When Strangers Meet: Visions of Asia and Europe in Film – Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore (coordinator)
  • Mapping Art and Environment: Investigating Good Practices in the ASEM Region online publication – Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore (editor)
  • Online database of Arts Organisations in Australia – Culture360, Singapore (researcher)
  • Connecting Arts and Environment online publication – Asia-Europe Foundation, Singapore (editor)



“Claire edited my work as a contributing author to various projects, publications, reports and articles for number of different reader targets in Asia and Europe. She’s quick, accurate, sympathetic to the tone and style sought by the writer. She gives intelligent, supportive feedback, and knows how to share her vision in a collegial manner. She is wonderful to work with, quite simply!”

Mary Ann DeVleig, experienced CEO, trainer, facilitator, strategist

“Claire managed complex multi-stakeholder projects at ASEF in a very professional and organised way through clear communication and with good documentation of the process. She is proactive and efficient in all what she worked on in ASEF. She has very good writing and editing skills!”

Katelijn Verstraete, Regional Director Arts & Creative Industries, British Council