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Noted Writers Festival Memories in space and place event

Noted Writers Festival, Canberra, 3 – 7 May 2017

Noted Writers Festival is an independent celebration of words and writing for anyone and everyone who loves to write. One of the newest additions to Canberra’s cultural calendar – Noted is a writers festival with a twist that is not to be missed. For Noted I’ll be facilitating an online discussion and writing space: Memories in Space & Place.

Understanding of a place is influenced by our personal interactions – our daily routines, the streets we walk and don’t walk, the gaps between places where we take a bus, things we ignore, things we notice, the emotional ties we might attach to a certain building but not another. What are the things that call out to you from these familiar spaces in your city? The discussion space is for creatively sharing stories about the everyday things that tie you to your place in the world. The way you share this is up to you. It can be a photo and a poem, an abstract story, micro fiction from the point of view of a roundabout.

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