Activities & events in 2017

11th ASEF Journalists’ Seminar, Naypyidaw, Myanmar (17-22 November)

This seminar explored the theme “Shaping Public Perceptions and Minds towards Achieving the SDGs”. While journalism has traditionally focused on covering conflict and societal challenges, Constructive Journalism could potentially pave the way for greater awareness and support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through a focus on the achievements and success stories they have produced. I participated on a panel on how cultural journalism could better report on SDGs.

Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference, London (1-2 July)

This paper investigates a creative practice based around the everyday objects in city environments, specifically as they relate to adapting to an unfamiliar place. While there have been many studies of objects as they appear in literature, this paper seeks to explore in what ways a creative practice based around close observation of objects can give insights into unfamiliar localities.

Emerging Writers’ Festival masterclass, Melbourne (16 June)

This session is about establishing yourself as a business, diversifying your career, how to invoice correctly and how to balance creative and corporate work. Packed with useful information to establish yourself as a freelance writer and stick it out through boom or bust.

Noted Writers Festival, Canberra and online (3-7 May)

Noted Writers Festival is an independent celebration of words and writing for anyone and everyone who loves to write. One of the newest additions to Canberra’s cultural calendar – Noted is a writers festival with a twist that is not to be missed. For Noted I facilitated an online discussion and writing space: Memories in Space & Place.

The Tricontinental Lecture Series speaker, Barcelona (9 & 20 March)

As part of the Tricontinental Lecture Series at the University of Barcelona, I presented on aspects of contemporary literature between Australia and Southeast Asia.

European Association for Studies of Australia Conference, Liège (26-28 January)

Entitled “Poets who travel: Sense of place between Singapore and Australia”, the paper investigated poets who write between Australia and Singapore, looking specifically at their reflections on place in the context of cultural encounters.

University of Barcelona Australian Studies Centre Visiting Researcher (October 2016-April 2017)

At the University of Barcelona I worked on my PhD research, which examines creative writing as a tool for understanding the process of settling in to a new country. As part of this I was developing a collection of poems based on experiences of cultural adaptation.