Claire’s poetry is often concerned with topics related to movement and migration, influenced in part by her time living overseas. She explores these themes in her PhD thesis (at the University of Canberra, Australia), which looks at creative writing as a tool for understanding the process of settling in to a new country. Claire also explores these themes of place in her blog, where she collects images and poems of everyday objects.

Claire was invited to perform her poetry at the 2016 Emerging Writers Festival in the event ‘Footscray Tales Trail: Off the Map, Into the Stars‘ at Back Alley Sally’s on 15 June. Footscray Tales Trail is a walking tour which explores Footscray’s rich culture through conversation, performance and prose.

In 2014 Claire undertook a creative writing fellowship at the Wheeler Centre Melbourne to develop a collection of poems inspired by visual art that explored ideas of movement and migration. The collection asked questions such as: what are the impulses behind why people feel the need to move from one place to another? What do you leave behind? What do you take with you?

Poems published in the following journals: