Since 2018 I have been collaborating with ArtsPositive, a creative agency founded by artist Debasmita Dasgupta and comprising a team of creative art-for-change advocates who create art for a cause.

In increasingly uncertain times it is easy to lose hope and to believe that individual citizens are unable to affect a nation’s, or even the planet’s trajectory. But as climate advocate Al Gore stated despair ‘is just another form of denial…we don’t have time for it.’ It is this attitude of hope for change from which ArtsPositive emerged. Instead of focusing on what can’t be changed, the agency focuses on developing content that creates a climate of sensitivity in which it is possible for change to happen.

ArtsPositive is dedicated to investing in a sustained way in art for social change because we believe that it is the way forward for a positive and sustainable future. ArtsPositive defines art-for-change in a broad way. Some ways of working in art-for-change include: changing attitudes through emotional and experiential connections; bringing people together to share experiences; bringing audiences closer to the unknown through a safe and creative space; challenging preconceived ideas through interventions; providing a platform for marginalised voices; and providing a space to discuss wellbeing.

ArtsPositive doesn’t choose one definition of art-for-change over another, but rather explores a cross-section of approaches, highlighting the diverse ways of using art to challenge and change society. The stand is positive, since the world needs to hear more positive stories to demonstrate people’s capacity for constructive change. 

Keep an eye on this space for upcoming projects.