In 2019 Double Dialogues published a special edition called In/Transit. The special edition includes the English translations of fourteen writers in Mandarin Chinese, seven in Catalan and four in Romanian. Edited by R.A. Goodrich, it includes a wide range of styles and topics, based around the theme of living in perpetual transition.

As explained by Goodrich in the introduction to the issue:

‘Conceptions of translation and its constraints are a constant topic amongst practitioners as much as theorists. What complicates these debates are both the objects and the objectives of translation in play. For those of us focused upon writing, literary writing, it is not enough to talk about translating languages between writers and readers. Our acts of translation, whether directed at self or at others, enter a web of transitions between the roles we assume and the ways in which we make articulate and navigate literary writing and its silences.’

I assisted the sourcing and coordination of the Catalan poems, with the assistance of Mireia Calafell. The Catalan poets included in the edition are:

  • August Bover
  • Teresa d’Arenys
  • Dolors Miquel
  • Gemma Gorga
  • Mireia Calafell
  • Maria Sevilla Paris
  • Kristine Doll

You can read the full In/Transit issue online here.