My foray into videopoetry, which began in 2018, is an ongoing investigation of the nexus between poetry, sound and images. You can see its development on my vimeo channel here.

Translocal videopoety

I began to explore videopoems as a way to investigate the experience of living between places. The videopoems bring together images, sounds and poems from Barcelona, Singapore, Thailand and Australia, layering them on top of another. The places – the memories, experiences, people – are never entirely separated from one another, and in fact they become an enmeshed layering of experience. The videos purposefully mix the materials to reflect the migrant experience of maintaining an awareness of both localities, sometimes simultaneously.

Shifting Sands by Claire Rosslyn Wilson from Claire Wilson on Vimeo.

Disturbance zones

The next series of videopoems explored ‘disturbance zones’, or the ways in which our natural and social environments are becoming increasing unstable. This project, with new videopoems fortnightly, explored the metaphor of disturbance throughout our environment and social lives, challenging the way we think about these constant changes around us. 

Listening For from Claire Wilson on Vimeo.


‘The Grains are Rough Here’ in Tranås at the Fringe – International Arts Festival, 2 July 2022

‘Women’s Work’ in ‘Upending I Mending’ exhibition, the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design annual exhibition, Belconnon Art Centre, Canberra, Australia, 20 May – 3 July 2022

‘Concrete’ in REELpoetry/HoustonTX 2021 festival, 24–28 February 2022

‘Double Glazed’ in Cordite 102: GAME, eds. Rory Green and Jini Maxwell, 2021

‘Walking to Montjuic’ at Poetry on the Move festival, Canberra/online, October 2021

‘Waiting’, ‘Listening for’ and ‘Inside/Out’ in the exhibition ‘ISO TOPICS’, Belconnon Art Centre group exhibition (online), Canberra, Australia, 2020

‘Shifting Sands’, ‘Leave Your Shoes Here’, ‘Hand Prints’, ‘A Way Through’ and ‘Double Glazed’ in the exhibition ‘(Dash)topia’, ANCA Gallery group exhibition, Canberra, Australia, 30 October – 17 November 2019

‘Leave your shoes here’ videopoem in Verity La, 2019

‘Shifting Sands’, 7th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, from 14 to 15 December 2018

Various videopoems at the exhibition ‘Residence’, Espai SOUVENIR solo exhibition, Barcelona, 9–21 November 2018