I am a researcher in the field of intercultural exchange through arts and culture. I have a Masters in Arts Management (RMIT University, Australia) and I am currently finishing a PhD in creative practice (University of Canberra, Australia), focusing on adapting to cultural difference through poetry. Driving my creative and professional work has been a concern for meaningful international cultural exchange in order to increase understanding between people across cultures. This has been supported by my experience working in international or multicultural contexts in Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Spain.


I am a versatile writer with over 10 years’ experience as a freelance writer. I write content that tells important stories in engaging ways. I’m finishing a PhD in creative writing and I have wide experience as an editor, so I love coming up with story ideas as well as getting the text just right. I believe that creative storytelling is important in any sector, and I have applied my writing and resource development skills to a diverse range of organisations, such the International Organisation for Migration (Thailand office), Leher (India) and Diaspora Action Australia. 


I edit reports, publications and articles, making sense of complex information in clear and accessible language. I specialise in culture and development related projects, and I have particular strengths in copyediting and structural editing.

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