Libraries, more than books

Libraries have always been a place of refuge – somewhere I could go to wander the shelves and be transported to another place for a while. During Covid-19, has their role as a place where community can gather changed?

Fragments of tiles in blog of writer Claire Rosslyn Wilson

Creative prompt: Piecing together found fragments

Sometimes I feel the need to take a break from plugging away at ongoing projects that feel never-ending and just play for a while. In today's prompt I focus on fragments - drawing inspiration from objects, words and images in my environment and putting them together to make something new.

Ice in Paris, photo by Claire Rosslyn Wilson

How can arts make a difference for the environment?

More needs to be done for the environment and for sustainable development and time is running out. Now is the time to think about what kind of world we want to see in 10 or 20 years’ time, but this requires a big cultural shift. That’s where the arts come in.

tate-gallery-Claire Rosslyn Wilson writer blog

Creative prompt: Looking to other art forms

Sometimes when I’m stuck with my writing I turn to other works of art, in what's called ekphrastic poetry. In today's prompt choose an artwork and write about it - Why did you choose that particular piece? What is its cultural context? How does it speak to you?

Being creative while managing interruptions

As people are juggling more demands on their time it can be hard to find the space to dedicate to creative work. In a perfect world artists would have 8 hours a day for their practice, but the reality is more often one of constant interruptions and limited time. Here I gathered together a few strategies for working creatively while managing multiple demands on your time. 

Waiting still, videopoem by Claire Rosslyn Wilson

Waiting for things to change

When confronted by change there are so many unknowns - How long will it take to adapt? What will life look like on the other side? This is a writing prompt in the form of a videopoem, asking, what does waiting mean for you?

Residence haiku-Melbourne seeds-Claire Rosslyn Wilson

International Haiku Poetry Day

The 17th of April marks International Haiku Poetry Day so here are a few haikus from a work in progress, 'Residence', a haiku and photography collection that explores familiarity and displacement between Barcelona, Melbourne, Northern Thailand and Singapore.

Poetry writing image on Claire Rosslyn Wilson writer

Celebrate poetry in April

April is a big month for poetry. Along with being the National Poetry Month for the USA and Canada, there is also the NaPoWriMo, an initiative that encourages people to write a poem a day over the month. Here I’ve listed a few poetry initiatives that are worth a look, to keep you busy during April and beyond.